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The System --- CamassCrete


CamassCrete is composed of 4 main components: UniPanel (main panel), Based Connector, Central Cap and Flank Cap.


Module set: 600 mm x 600 mm (23.62" x 23.62")
per module set. Each module set includes 1 UniPanel, 1 Base Connector, 1 Central Cap and 4 Flank Caps


UniPanel (main panel): Size 510 mm x 510 mm (20.07" sq.)
Steel in-filled with light weight cement, powder coating. Four grooves at side of the panel to secure locking by Flank Cap. Factory assembled pedestals fixed at four corners of the panel. Due to the four built-in pedestals, UniPanel is self-stand and extraordinary stable and safety.
Base Connector: To connect UniPanels's pedestals, and automatically forms the standard-distance Cable Trenches.
Central Cap: To install on intersection of Cable Trenches.
Flank Cap: To install on Cable Trenches. Bent at side of cap to form u-shape flange which enable securely locking at grooves of the UniPanel.
Interlocking System: To install, use Base Connector to connect UniPanel's pedestal. Connecting the UniPanels is easy, no gluing, no nailing nor drilling required. Continuous connection of UniPanels, standard-distance grid-form Cable Trenches formed automatically.
Grid-form Cable Trench Systems
Reticulated grid-form cable trench system provide large cable capacity and easy routing while retains maximum ceiling height.
Specialist of Low-Profile installation
There are two height section:
CS1000W Low-Profile:

installation height from 76 mm (3")~150 mm (6").
CS1000A Super Low-Profile:

installation height at 40 mm (1.57"), 50 mm (2") and 60 mm (2.36").

UniPanel with 4 built-in Pedestals


Base Connector

Central Cap

Flank Cap


Base Connector connects pedestals forming low-profile 76~150mm


supper low-profile 40~60 mm


During installation - corporate headquarter


After installation


Cables routing inside the Cable Trenches and extending through any point of the interiors.


CamassCrete facilitates neat, efficient environment. Unlimited cable highway networked underneath.


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